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Today’s serious collision on the Indiana Toll Road is a reminder that, with cold weather comes icy roads. According to news reports, icy roads combined with driver inattention, may have been the cause of several accidents in northern Indiana.

Trooper Todd LaBonne says a tanker truck was involved in a crash when traffic was stopped for the helicopter to evacuate a victim in the earlier accident. One person was seriously injured.

With winter coming, we are all facing the reality that the temperature is going to drop, with ice and snow soon to follow. Remember, over 2 million people a year are injured and 40,000 killed in automobile accidents. These staggering statistics are a reminder of how important it is to stay alert and drive safely. There are little things we can all do to help ourselves avoid accidents. For example, it is amazing how many of us are likely driving around on tires that need replacing. Now is a good time to have your tires and brakes checked before the worst of winter weather arrives. Spending a few hundred dollars now on a new set of tires might save you a lot more money down the road!!

If you are involved in an auto accident, there are some important things to remember. Obviously, make sure that anyone who needs immediate medical attention gets it. Assuming that you do not need immediate medical attention, always notify the police and always exchange insurance information with the other drivers involved. Also, do your best to get the names and contact information of witnesses to the collision. Finally, stay safe!! Do not put yourself in further danger by being hit again by other vehicles who are trying to navigate their way around the collision.

Once you are clear of the scene and have had an opportunity to receive medical treatment, notify both your insurance company and the insurance company for the other party. Sometimes, people are reluctant to notify their own insurance carrier, especially if they do not think they are at fault. They’d rather just notify the other person’s insurance. However, even when you are not at fault, your own insurance company needs to know about the accident. Often times, they can be very helpful in getting your medical bills paid. Also, they can often help you deal with the other insurance company with regard to property damage, rental car reimbursement, etc. I’ve even had clients come to me because their own insurance company suggested that they get a lawyer.

Just remember, cold weather means wet, icy,slushy roads are on the way. Take some time and make sure that your car is ready for winter!

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