Bloomington, Indiana


Fred Schultz

Man Dies in Workplace Crane Accident

I was sorry to read about another workplace death involving a crane accident last week. According to the report, a worker fell over ninety feet to his death from a crane up in Gary.

A coroner…

Fred Schultz

Jury Awards $24 Million to Man Paralyzed in Workplace Accident

A Lake County, Indiana jury recently found against a contractor in a workplace injury case and awarded a severely injured worker $24 million. The injured worker fell from a ladder that had not been…

Fred Schultz

Another Workplace Death Reported

It was sad to see in today’s paper that another person was killed at their workplace. Accordng to the Bloomington Herald Times, a Hendricks County man was killed while doing construction work….

Fred Schultz

Railroad worker’s Death Reminder of Need for Workerplace Safety

The unfortunate death of a railroad worker in Terre Haute is a sad reminder of the need or workplace safety.

Officials say an railroad company employee died after he was struck by a tanker car…

Fred Schultz

Indiana Sheriff Deputies have to Fight for Disability Pensions

Its shameful that Indiana Sheriff Deputies who are permanently disabled while in the line of duty are not guaranteed decent disability pensions. Apparently, city police have disability protections…