Bloomington, Indiana


Fred Schultz

Report Finds Thousands of Unsafe Trucks on America’s Highways

The American Association for Justice, or AAJ, recently released a report on trucking safety violations entitled “Warning! Safety Violation Ahead: Motor Carrier Companies Keep Unsafe Trucks on…

Fred Schultz

"The roads are bad out there"

My wife is from the South, and always makes a big deal about snow on the roads. I must confess that I always quietly laugh at her idea of what makes for, bad roads. As many of us do in the Midwest,…

Fred Schultz

A Tragic Tractor-Trailer Accident

I just read online about a horrific tractor-trailer accident that happened in December of 2006 where two children were killed. Apparently, the story recently made the news because counsel for the…

Fred Schultz

Truck Driver involved in Fatal Crash did not have CDL

A tragic accident happened on S.R. 37 south of Bloomington Tuesday evening. An older woman was killed and her grandaughter was seriously injured when a semi-truck heading south-bound on S.R. 37…