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Fred Schultz

Clergy Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Filed in Indiana

We’ve all heard and read about the sexual abuse lawsuits that have been filed against Catholic Church Clergy over the years. A new one was filed this week in Lake County against the Gary Diacese.

Fred Schultz

Get Informed – and VOTE!!!!!!

With only four days to go, I want to encourage everyone to remember that the Politicians we Elect at the local, state, and federal levels, aren’t just spokesmen or women, and they aren’t just our…

Fred Schultz

Feds Make Positive Change to Mental Health Insurance Coverage

Congress recently required our nation’s health insurance companies to address mental health issues as real concerns. This is potentially very, very good news for everyone who suffers from depression…

Chrissie Cole

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Staff Writer

Infected Employees Can Spread Salmonella

Indianapolis injury lawyer Steve Wagner’s staff has posted about a possible Brownsville Wal-Mart deli worker being infected with salmonella. The worker contacted the Indiana Department of health and was informed this was a health code violation. The employee clearly was unaware that his or her sickness was salmonella poisoning from eating tainted peanut butter, but perhaps Wal-Mart management…