Bloomington, Indiana


Fred Schultz

Medical Malpractice Verdict a Lesson in Real Aspects of “Tort Reform”

An Indianapolis jury recently awarded $5 million to a woman who was misdiagnosed in the emergency room. This case is illustrative of several things. First, any verdict over $1 million is very rare,…

Fred Schultz

Hospitals Report Medical Errors – Not the Full Story

I recently read an article in the Bloomington Herald Times about medical error reporting. According to the article, Bloomington Hospital reported two errors in 2007, while Monroe Hospital did not…

Chrissie Cole

Study Shows Pediatricians Rarely Lose Malpractice Lawsuits

A new study by Indiana University researchers says pediatricians rarely lose medical malpractice lawsuits.Despite concerns about the increase in lawsuits, the study found that claims against pediatricians have remained stable across two decades. Additionally, these types of cases tend not to make it to trial.Sixty-eight percent of the cases brought against pediatricians in the last two decades…

Chrissie Cole

"Liability Crisis" Survey fares well for Indiana

The American Medical Association says that Indiana is relatively doctor-friendly in comparison when it comes to state laws that govern malpractice suits and medical liability.The AMA says the Hoosier state is among eight other states in “stable” condition in what it describes as the country in a “medical liability crisis.”The survey claims excessive malpractice awards are forcing doctors out of…