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Chrissie Cole

Whole Foods Recalls Frozen Yellow Fin Tuna Steaks

Whole Foods Market has initiated a voluntary recall of Whole Catch Yellow Fin Tuna Steaks (frozen) because they may contain elevated levels of histamine which can cause an allergic reaction…

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Fireworks are fun, but also cause injury

Chrissie Cole

Topps Beef Burgers Recalled for E. Coli Contamination

Topps Meat Company announced a voluntary recall of more than 300,000 pounds of ground beef tainted with E. Coli O157:H7, after receiving over 22 reports of illness.The recall was announced this week after the CDC said 21 people across eight states had become ill after eating burgers that may have been contaminated with E. coli.According to the CDC, two cases in New York and one in Florida have…

Chrissie Cole

Barbie Accessories Recalled for Lead Hazard

Mattel announced a voluntary toy recall of 675,000 Barbie accessory toys, made in China, due to the surface paints on the toys containing excessive levels of lead. This toy recall involves several Barbie accessory toys that were manufactured between September 30, 2006 and August 20, 2007. A full list of recalled Barbie toys can be found on Mattel’s website. The date and product codes are printed…

Chrissie Cole

CPSC Investigating Fisher-Price Toy Recall

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is investigating whether Fisher-Price alerted them as quickly as it should, about lead paint found in over 1.5 million toys manufactured in China, that were part of the worldwide recall announced last week.Scott Wolfson, a spokesman for the commission, told The Associated Press on Monday that it was conducting “an active and open” investigation into…

Chrissie Cole

378 People Sick after Taste of Chicago Food Fest

As of Friday, there have been 278 reported cases of people becoming ill after eating hummus at the Taste of Chicago food festival believed to have salmonella bacteria contamination, the health department said.The Chicago Department of Health has confirmed 32 reported cases of illness caused by salmonella poisoning. Officials expect that number to increase after they receive pending test results….

Chrissie Cole

FDA Recalls Veggie Booty Snacks

An ongoing foodborne illness outbreak, since March, is now coming to light and the FDA warns consumers to discard any Veggie Booty snacks they have in their home.”This stuff is good for you,” says a cartoon character on the company’s home page but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers not to eat Veggie Booty snack food, marketed by Robert’s American Gourmet. The agency says…

Chrissie Cole

Toothpaste Recalled for Poisonous Chemical

Florida company has announced a nationwide recall of toothpaste that was imported from China and distributed to wholesalers. The toothpaste is believed to contain a poisonous chemical.Approximately 170,000 tubes of toothpaste contain diethylene glycol, a thickening agent used in antifreeze. No injuries or illnesses have been reported to date.Consumers should stop using the products and discard…

Chrissie Cole

Record-A-Voice Toy Cell Phone Recalled

Approximately 300,000 Record-A-Voice toy cell phones have been recalled by Parents Magazine. The toy cell phones contain a part that can become dislodged, posing a choking hazard to small children if swallowed.To date, the company has received 54 reports of a pin in the flip-top hinge of the cell phone falling out. Only one complaint included an injury. Parents should take the phone away from…

Chrissie Cole

Faulty Brakes causing Fires in Ford Escapes

Ford Motor Company is recalling about 527,000, 2001-2004 Ford Escape model crossovers, due to defective antilock brake systems that can catch on fire.Incorrectly installed or missing seals on the wire harness can lead to corrosion when water or road salt gets near the electrical connector, according to Ford. The corrosion can cause the ABS warning light to come on and lead to burning or melting…