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Fred Schultz

Pain Caused by Drunk Driver Never Goes Away

I was really moved by an article in today’s paper. Larry Haywood is a victim of a drunk driver who killed his daughter and grandson twenty years ago. This week, he was speaking to a group of 250…

Fred Schultz

Owen County Car Crash a Reminder of the need to Drive Safely

An early morning car crash in Owen County is a stark reminder of the need for all of us to be careful while driving. According to the Herald Times, two vehicles were involved in a collision where…

Fred Schultz

Another Drunk Driving Accident Causes Injury

Unfortunately, another person was injured by a drunk driver last Friday evening. The accident occurred at the intersection of S.R. 45 and Elwren Road when the drunk driver was unable to stop his…

Fred Schultz

Accident Reconstruction Experts Investigate Serious Car Crash

The Bloomington Herald Times reports online that a serious car crash occurred this morning at the intersection of S.R. 37 and Victor Pike. Both the the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department and the…

Fred Schultz

With Colder Weather Come Slippery Roads – Be Careful!!

Today’s serious collision on the Indiana Toll Road is a reminder that, with cold weather comes icy roads. According to news reports, icy roads combined with driver inattention, may have been the…

Fred Schultz

Drunk Driver Charged with Hit and Run

A Bloomington woman has been arrested for drunk driving and leaving the scene of an accident after she apparently struck a pedestrian and then fled the scene. Police officers followed up with eye…

Fred Schultz

"Operation Pullover" gets Drunk Drivers Off the Streets, and Saves Lives!!

I was very glad to read that the Indiana State Police are going to start "Operation Pullover" today. The goal of "Operation Pullover" is to catch drunk and impaired drivers before they cause traffic…

Fred Schultz

Accidents Happen, Even to Movie Stars. So Make Sure You are Covered!!

Like many people, I check CNN.com every day for updates in world events and other news. I was surpised to see today that one of my favorite actors, Morgan Freeman, was apparently seriously injured…

Fred Schultz

Reckless Driving Creates Risk of Injury to Others

Yesterday, an Indianapolis man was stopped by a State Police Trooper for going 127 miles per hour in his Corvette on S.R. 37.

Indiana State Police Trooper Dustin Starnes was patrolling Ind. 37…

Fred Schultz

Be Aware of the Ten Worst Insurance Companies

A recent study released by the American Association for Justice (AAJ) ranked the ten worst insurance companies in America. According to this study, Allstate Insurance ranked as the worst insurance…